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Altrusa International of Waynesville is proud to support the students of Haywood county through a variety of scholarships for undergraduate students. 


These include scholarships for:  


- Graduating seniors

- Annual renewals of scholarships

- Joey Robison Scholarship through Altrusa District Three

- Non-traditional students


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Graduating seniors: 

The criteria for students applying for these scholarships is outlined in the “Haywood County Schools Foundation Inc. Fact Sheet”. The initial applications are processed through the Haywood County Schools Foundation and reviewed by the Waynesville Altrusa Scholarship Committee for choosing scholarship recipients and amounts to be awarded.  The deadline for applying is determined annually by the Haywood County Schools Foundation Inc.


Annual Renewals: 

Once awarded a scholarship, students may apply in future years for additional funds by completing a renewal application which must be received by the Altrusa Scholarship Committee Chair no later than March 1, submitted by email or to the committee’s general Altrusa PO Box).  Renewal applications are available here.


Joey Robison Scholarship:  

This is a scholarship awarded by Altrusa District Three Foundation for non-traditional students.  Criteria for applying is outlined in the “Joey Robison Scholarship For Non-Traditional Students Guidelines”.  Applications must be received by the Waynesville Altrusa Club Scholarship PO Box no later January 5.  Applications received are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee to choose one applicant to submit for consideration by District Three.  The number of scholarships awarded each year from applicants submitted by all members of District Three is at the discretion of the Altrusa District Three Foundation, Inc. in accordance with the funds available in their restricted fund.  Our club cannot guarantee that the applicant we submit will receive a scholarship.  Therefore, we have included an attachment to this application that will allow us to consider applicants for a non-traditional scholarship through our club as well.


Non-traditional students: 

This scholarship is available for students other than graduating high school students committing to a four-year curriculum in a university.   It can include: certificate (vocational), associate degrees, and/or older students returning for an undergraduate degree.  There is no deadline for applicants to apply; applications are considered throughout the year.    Please note additional criteria (in addition to that required by District Three Foundation) has been added to the aforementioned Joey Robison Scholarship application in order to consider applicants not chosen to submit for the Joey Robison Scholarship to be considered for our non-traditional scholarship award. Applications are available here.


Applications for all of these scholarships are available online:


Any and all questions and applications (other than the applications directly through the Haywood County School Foundation) should be addressed to:




Altrusa of Waynesville Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 947

Waynesville, NC 28786 


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